Thanks to the amazing plot and iconic cast 🔥, ‘XO, Kitty’ is everywhere. It’s no secret that Anna Cathcart, Gia Kim, Choi Min-yeong, Sang Heon Lee, and Anthony Keyvan can act happy, 😃 sad, 😢 excited, 😜 nervous,😩 and more- but can they impersonate EMOJIS?! Watch along to see them try – and find out who will be crowned BEST actor 👑 . For more That’s So Emo with Cosmopolitan, click HERE:

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Secret Talent Test 🏆
Expensive Taste Test 💅
Hot Girl Travel Tips
Drip or Drop! 💧
That’s So Emo 🦄 😝 💯
Nobody Asked: 👀🙊
The Breakdown
The Braid Up
Cosmo Queens! 👑

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